Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

The 15th September started the forty-eighth edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, the great Spanish fashion platform. The Pasarela Cibeles, renewed under Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week´ epigraph, will bring together a whole of 36 acclaimed Spanish designers and some young promises that will show 52 collections in 40 parades till 19th September. The new Cibeles concept is born with the objective of consolidating Madrid's city as a grand centre of international design and Spanish fashion. Cibeles will present the latest trends for next season Spring-Summer 2009.
This edition will usher in a new and decisive chapter in the history of Cibeles, the grand forum for the promotion of Spanish fashion organised by IFEMA. In addition, Cibeles will present an exhibition with the creations of 16 young fashion designers that will participate in EL EGO de Cibeles - the forum for promoting young talented designers. Nine of them will launch its collections for the first time next 19th September.

There will be two different catwalks for this new edition: Cibeles and Neptuno. Cibeles will present the most classic creations, while Neptuno will host the most avant-garde tendencies. Furthermore, the surface will increase from 5.400 square meters, last year, to 14.000 square meters this year.

Devota y Lomba will open the programme at this edition. On Thursday it will offer a number of outstanding new features, such as the incorporation of the renowned designer, Nicolas Baudelet, for El Caballo, and the men's fashion duo, Jan iu Mes, under the heading of cutting-edge creation. . Duyos, Jesús del Pozo, David Delfín, Roberto Torreta, Alma Aguilar, Ana Locking, Juanjo Oliva, Miguel Palacio, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada or Roberto Verino will be some of the other famous fashion designers who will participate in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week.

Furthermore, the new approach adopted at Cibeles will include the presentation of a new area, in the form of a grand avenue, known as CIBELESPACIO. This area, which is located at the entrance hall and it will present a permanent exhibition, it will feature various different activities throughout the week.

Giant screens will be installed in some streets and squares to show the parades on live: Plaza de España, Plaza de Callao, Plaza España, Colón, Gran Vía 24 y Paseo de la Castellana 2. In addition, a free bus service will connect the principal commercial areas for those who want go shopping.
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