Monday, November 3, 2008

Madrid Apartments

Barcelona, Spain, October 28, 2008 – Vacations and Internet have gone hand in hand since the internet first found its place in many homes around the world. This has completely changed people’s travelling habits and the tourist marketing. Consumers are more demanding as new technologies develop, due to the growth of the tourist offer and the large supply of information available. Now the users can choose what kind of holidays they want, according to their needs and to their wallets. In addition, the low cost airlines have caused a drop in air ticket prices. On the other hand, the tremendous number of accommodation offers that the Internet provides has turned it into the user's favourite tool to reserve their holidays.

Thus, the "self-catering" phenomenon (it is the own consumer who organizes his holidays via Internet and without any intermediaries such as travel agencies) has become the king of marketing tourism. According to a study by the Hosteltur Tourist Forum, up to 90% of the travellers use the Internet to obtain information about their destinations; meanwhile, 70% of the travellers purchase their holidays via the Internet and 68% use it to inform themselves about the accommodation’s offer.

Only-Apartments Madrid is a leading booking on-line apartments portal in the Spanish capital. Many travellers prefer to rent an apartment rather than a hotel room, due to the multiple facilities and comforts they offer.

All the apartments from the Only-Apartments company are fully furnished and equipped. In addition, they are located in the most central areas of Madrid or near to the major tourist attractions. These urban apartments offer a new way to see the city from the inside, being able to discover the most authentic Madrid without having to feel just like another tourist.

Through this portal, the traveller merges with the daily city life, with its customs and its peculiarities. Staying in a Madrid Apartment is much more authentic than staying in a hotel.

Only-Apartments Madrid offers the best alternative for large families or for big groups of friends, because reserving an apartment with Only-Apartments Madrid is cheaper and offers more benefits: the travellers enjoy more space distributed in several rooms, such as an equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room for example. No more waiting to go to the bathroom, no more repetitive buffets meals, no more timetables! In the apartments, the guests eat whatever they want and where they wish.

Thus, Only-Madrid Apartments offers the best prices and services online. Thanks to the Internet and its acceptance throughout the world, Only-Apartments Madrid has become a leading company in the tourist on-line industry and its sales are continuously growing year after year.

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