Monday, March 30, 2009

Budapest, the "Spa City"

Budapest was appointed "Spa City" in 1934 for its huge amount of curative and thermal springs. This city has 118 wells with 70 million litres of water at temperatures ranging between 21 and 80 ° C. Thanks to its mineral these waters heal many ailments. Many of the spas of Budapest date from Roman times, but only since the twentieth century people began to be used them for treatment of diseases.

Some spas are transformed into nightclubs every weekend. Aquatic parties called "Cinetrip Parties" or "Magic Baths" are organized, where young people dance and have fun in the pools.

Aside from these parties, most of the public baths are not mixed. Some of them are exclusive for men or for women and other reserve a few days for each sex. But there are also some spas in which both sexes can be mixed.

Széchenyi Spa

The Széchenyi Spa was inaugurated in 1913 and it is one of the largest spas in Europe. It has 15 pools: 3 large outdoor pools and 12 small covered pools. It has Turkish baths, saunas, massage service and diving pools too. One of the main attractions are the chess matches that are disputed in the warmer outdoor pool (37 ° C), where tourists and locals challenge each other to games and spend a pleasant time.

Shelude: todos los días de 6.00 a 22.00 horas
Address: District 14. Állatkerti Avenue, 11

Gellért Spa

It is one of the oldest spas of Budapest. This is a beautiful place thanks to its spectacular marble columns, its colourful Zsolnay mosaics, its statues, its beautiful stained glass windows, it modernist furniture and it 700m square atrium with a beautiful glass roof. The spa is located inside the Gellért hotel. It has 9 pools: an outdoor wave pool, a thermal water pool, a children's pool and a covered effervescent pool. It also has a sauna and massage services.

Shelude: weekdays: from 6.00 to 19.00, weekends: from 6.00 to 17.00
Adress: District 11. Kelenhegyi Street, 4

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