Monday, March 30, 2009

Budapest Gastronomy

Budapest is a city rich in culture, art and customs, which was named "Spa City" thanks to the huge number of springs it has. But it has much more to offer, such as its delicious cuisine, unique in flavours and recipes.

The Hungarian cuisine has been influenced by multiple cultures throughout its history. It has Austrian, French and Italian influences. It is rich in spicy flavours and aromas, thanks to the paprika, the most used ingredient. Among its favourite dishes there are soups, stews, fish and meat. Although gulash is undoubtedly the star Hungarian recipe.

In Hungary the restaurants could be classified in two ways: on the one hand, there are the "vendégló", which are more traditional restaurants where it is possible to taste the best home-cooked typical local food; on the other hand, there are design locals, where food is more refined and delicious recipes are served.

Among the most common dishes you'll find meat, especially game, which is served grilled or roasted. Their favourite recipes are "csirkepaprikás", paprika chicken; "porkolt", a variety meat stew; beef broth with marrow; "roston", roasted meat; and salami (known as "téliszalámi"), which is one of the best known international Hungarian products. However, "gulash" (a thick soup made with small meat cubes with potatoes and "csipetke") is the star inside and outside its borders. The "újházi tyúkhúsleves" is another type of chicken soup with peas, mushrooms, carrots and pasta.

Fish lovers are in luck too. There is a delicious fish soup called "halaszle" (fish, onions and paprika) they should try. Rather typical of this place are the excellent fresh water fish such as pike, catfish or trout. "Paprika fish" ("halpaprikás") are very popular too (soups that include at least three kinds of fish, onions and paprika).

A popular ingredient to cook is "tejföl" (fresh cheese such as "quark" which intensifies the flavours). Main dishes are served with pasta, rice and "tarhonya" (meatballs). They are also very common vegetables and salads.

The pastry is a specialty of the country. The most typical desserts are the "túrós csusza", sweet warm cakes filled with curd; the "pancakes"; the "palacsinta", an omelette filled with raisins, ground walnuts and lemon covered with chocolate cream; and the "somló", a sponge cake with cream and rum. Hungarian wines are very famous too.

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