Monday, March 23, 2009

Berlin, European Capital of the Gay World

Berlin is a cosmopolitan and modern city, very committed to the gay cause. Because of that it is one of the three gay capitals in Europe, together with London and Amsterdam. Even its town's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, has declared himself openly gay.

There isn't an unique gay neighbourhood in the city, as Chueca in Madrid, but everything is widespread throughout the city. Throughout all the neighbourhoods the rainbow flags are waving.

The ancient East area, now Schönhauser Allee, stands out for its great quantity alternative bars, restaurants and clubs. This area, close to Alexanderplatz, is frequented by gays and lesbians and houses popular locals such as Kinzer or GMF @ Café Moskau. In Kreuzberg there are renowned clubs like SchwuZ (the most famous one), Serena Bar, SO36 or Culture Club. Kreuzberg and Berlin-Mitte are the favourite areas for girls

The ancient West Area is a prominently male atmosphere and it is concentrated around the Nollendorf Square in Schöneberg. At that place, a commemorative monument as a reminder to the homosexual victims of the Nazi regime was put up. There the first gay bars were open and the neighbourhood became the gay culture center in Berlin. In this quarter there is a large concentration of gay and gay-friendly hotels and "men only" premises (Rob, Man's, Jaxx, Mr.B). But there are plenty of mixed bars or pubs for straight people.

The Gay Pride in Berlin is one of the biggest of the old continent, with half a million people taking part. Are you going to miss it? Rent Berlin Apartments and discover a beautiful gay atmosphere!

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