Monday, December 22, 2008

Madrid's Gastronomy

Diners! - To the table! Spanish cuisine is world famous for being one of the most delicious and healthy. Among its many variants, you'll find Madrid's cuisine. This one is tasty and varied. Due to its geographical location, its dishes have been influenced by other areas of Spain and abroad. Although Madrid's cuisine is a clear example of the culinary mixture of cultures that Madrid represents, it does have its own identity: the tapas or the squid sandwiches are as authentic as the Puerta Del Sol"!

The Spanish emigrants' influx filled Madrid's dishes with many shades and textures. They have Moorish and Hispanic - Roman touches. In addition, the extreme temperatures have also influenced their recipes, which adapt to the different seasons: in winter, dishes such as the vegetable soup or the stew are the main protagonists; in summer, the cold dishes such as chickpeas vinaigrettes are the favourites.

Madrid is the epicentre of the tapas. This is a widespread custom in Spain. Among the most common ingredients you'll find sea food, sausages and cheese. There is a huge variety of tapas in Madrid: Spanish omelette, vinegar anchovies, pig's ear, squid, hot spicy potatoes, croquettes and octopus. Almost all the popular establishments serve tapas. Any neighbourhood is good to taste them, but Huertas and La Latina are the most authentic.

The most famous dish is the typical Madrid stew. It is a stew made of chickpeas, meat (pork, chicken or veal), sausage and vegetables. It used to be served in three dishes: first the soup made with the broth, then legumes and vegetables and finally the meats and the sausages.

Other typical dishes are tripe, made with lamb or veal tripe, cow leg and knob, sausage and puddings; chicken casserole, a stew made of hard boiled eggs, almonds and chicken; snails served with a spicy sauce, baked sea bream, and the "starry" eggs (you should taste them in the Casa Lucio restaurant), pig's ear, garlic soup, Spanish Omelette, the famous squid sandwiches, meatballs, garlic shrimps and mushrooms, the hot spicy potatoes and cod. The most famous drinks are the Chinchón and anise liqueur.

The backing of this tradition of Madrid is a major pride for its inhabitants. Many of the cakes are linked to religious traditions or some type of holiday: On November 1st, the fritters and the Huesos de Santo; at Easter, the French toast; in San Isidro, the donuts; in San Antón, the bread rolls and on January 6th the King's Cake (a large ring-shaped cake). Throughout the year you can taste the tejas and waffles. In addition, you can also taste the worldwide famous hot chocolate with Culin fritters.

Madrid's cuisine is delicious and varied. Do you want to taste their most typical dishes? Then travel to the capital and stay in Madrid Apartments for the perfect accommodation! Let your palate enjoy the most delicious gastronomy!

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