Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If there is something that Berlin can be proud of, it is its hectic nightlife.

Berlin's nights set trends around the World. Together with New York and Madrid, Berlin has become a reference point for party-goers. Berlin is in fashion! The night owls will always have a place in the German nightlife, full of offers for all tastes and wallets.

Those who already know the German capital will recognize that it is a dynamic and wild city: its out of control architecture is a clear example! Its chaotic neighbourhoods give it an alternative touch to its cultural and social life. Its bars and nightclubs can also attest to this and give the city an open-mind, cosmopolitan, heterogeneous and indomitable spirit. The Berlin nightlife has resurfaced since the Wall's fall. In the German capital cabaret and techno music were born. Nowadays, it is a reference of the electronic music and the hardest sounds.

Any place is a good place to go and party in Berlin, but these neighbourhoods are in fashion: Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. Friedrichshain district is the most progressive at the moment. After German reunification, many artists and students moved from West Berlin to Friedrichshain. Every Friday and Sunday evening, lots of teenagers and friendly punks fill the Friedrichshain squares until the early hours, bottles in hand. (In Germany it is not forbidden to drink in the streets). Friedrichshain is the cheapest neighborhood to party in Berlin. Mitte is the most visible face of the "new Berlin" and it is constantly evolving. It is also the most touristic neighbourhood and it has all kinds of bars and establishments. Prenzlauer Berg is one of the most complete neighbourhoods of the city to go party! It is an alternative quarter due to its bars, its little cafés, its concert halls and its designer shops.

Lately, there have become fashionable the so called After-Work-Clubs: there you can have a drink and dance with your colleagues after work! The best bars in the city are Die Bar and Morena in Kreuzberg, and Pinguin Club, Zoulou and Fischlabor in Schöneberg. The classic Harry's New York Bar and Bristol Bar are quieter and more sophisticated. The most famous clubs are the cosmopolitan Annabelle's, the huge Metropol and Tränenpalast. In addition, there are the legendary discos such as the Sage Club or the Kit Kat Club.

If you want to enjoy the most amazing nightlife of the old continent, Berlin is the city you're looking for. Rent Berlin Apartments to spend the perfect holidays and enjoy the night!

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