Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seville - When the Food Becomes "Tapa"

Sevillian dishes are simple, but made of an exquisite quality. One of his best qualities is his artisan touch as this is real home cooking. The Sevillian history and gastronomy are closely linked. This way, it has Arabs influences (which have bequeathed spices like fennel, peppermint, garlic, coriander or parsley) and Mediterranean influences (where olive oil is the king ingredient).

Typical dishes include "gazpacho" (a cold tomato soup), flamenco eggs (eggs poached in tomato sauce), tiny fried fish, "cocido andaluz" (a thick stew made of meat, chickpeas and vegetables), "menudo" (Andalusian styled tripe), "ensaladilla sevillana" (variation of potato salad) and the famous bull's tail

But the real centre of the Sevillian food are "tapas". The "tapeo" practice allows the visitor to try a great variety of dishes in a single meal. There are thousands of "tapas" to try, among the most consumed are: "boquerones en vinagre" (small marinated fish in vinegar), "ensaladilla" (a version of a Russian potato salad), Spanish hams and cheeses, "papas aliñás" (seasoned potatoes), "salmorejo" (a thick "gazpacho"), "lomo mechado" (loin strips), "aliño" (various seasoned meats), "picadillo" (minced meat) and "tortilla de patatas" (Spanish potato omelet). Other typical ones consist of of "pucheros" (stews), "flamenquines cordobeses" (ham stuffed breaded/fried meat rolls), "soldaditos de pavía" (hake or cod breaded with flour) and "montaditos" (a type of small toasted rolls or sandwiches usually filled with sausage or other ingredients). "Tapeo" is a social act in Seville.

In Santa Cruz neighbourhood you'll taste the most delicious "tapas" in the city. If you want to eat on a terrace go to Alfama and if you want to eat in front of the Guadalquivir River go to Triana. Arenal quarter provides more traditional establishments, offering a fine selection of fresh fish

The best wines are the Manzanilla and the Montilla. But Jerez (sherry) is delicious too. If you want something lighter you can have a cold lager beer.

Most Sevillian pastries are an Arab legacy and are made of wine or Money, as the "tortas de aceite" (thin large rounded pastries made with olive oil) or the "polvorones" (typically eaten in Christmas). The great part of the Sevillian sweets is made on the city convents, especially for the Holly Week. The most famous pastries are: the "San Leandro Yemas" (sweet egg yolk cakes), "torrijas" (similar to a French toast), homemade marmalades, "borrachuelos" (a sweet made with honey, sweet wine, aniseed and bitter oranges), the "tocinos de cielo" (a pudding made with egg yolk and syrup), "alfajores" (almond and nut pastries) and cider pastries.

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