Friday, February 13, 2009

Lisbon by Night

Lisbon is magical during the day and intense at night. It is an amazing city that captivates everyone who visits it. The Lisbon sunsets promise a long night full of fun. Late in the evening, the Chiado district coffees open their doors for the most impatient people. In fact, Lisbon is becoming one of the European nightlife capitals due to its variety and quality.

The Barrio Alto has been the traditional nightlife area in Lisbon. This is the favourite Lusos' area to begin the night. Among its main attractions there are the fado locals and some of the most charming bars of the city. This is a very particular neighbourhood, full of little streets with tiny bars. There people use to pile in the local's doors drinking and talking. The "pretinha" (black beer) is the typical drink of the Barrio Alto, but they use to drinkd all kind of the "caipirinha" too. About four in the morning tha Barrio Alto bars use to close and people go to other nightlife areas!

The Alfama neighbourhood is the most authentic Lisbon quarter: it offers a different night, full of curious places. Alfama is the cradle of the fados and probably the best place to listen to them. We are talking about a bohemian quarter, with the best old bars in the city. To wander around its beautiful streets is the best way to discover the Alfama night treasures.

Much of the Lisbon nightlife has moved to the Docas de Santo Amaro neighbourhood, situated next to the Ponte April 25. It is the most fashion area of Lisbon, with the most glamorous and expensive clubs and bars, suitable for all tastes. There are three famous discos: the Capital disco (Avenida 24 da Julio, 68), the Kremlin dico (Rua Escadinhas da Praia, 5) and the Lux disco (Rua Gustavo Matos Sequeira, 42), owned by John Malkovich. Another one is the African club B.Leza (Conde Barão, 50), with the most exotic ambience and the best Afro-Portuguese rhythms

Another good place to go is the the former Expo 98 fairground (Parque das Naçoes). A multitude of cultural and musical events are celebrated here! For people who prefer other night time activities, the Estoril Casino is the best alternative (Praça José Teodoro dos Santos Estoril).

Travel to Lisbom and enjoy of the best nightlife there. You'll have a great time! Look after Lisbon Apartments for a perfect accommodation.

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