Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madrid Will Hold the 24th Edition of the Veranos De La Villa 2009 Festival

Madrid is ready to host the most awaited cultural event of the year, the Summer Festival of the Town, the festival of the Veranos de la villa 2009. This event will bring the best cultural offers to the Spanish capital - from theatre, to music, circus or dance, on the Casa de Campo trade fair grounds (in the Avenida Puerta del Angel) from June 25th to August 23rd.

Veranos de la Villa festival will offer a multidisciplinary and quality program with 150 spectacles, divided into 1,166 representations and also 120 film screenings. To this end, the Madrid City Council has spent 2.8 million euros in the organization of the event.

This year, the festival could not have better artists. Regarding the national scene, important stars such as Chano Dominguez, Juan Perro, Tequila, Diego "El Cigala" or Tomatito can be seen. But if national figures are noteworthy, the international ones are great too: Nina Simone, Lou Reed, The Yellow Pony and Anastacia...

The musical is a mandatory fashionable show this year: West Side Store has been chosen for this occasion. For the Flamenco lovers, the second half of August will take place the "Madrid Flamenco", with great flamenco artists as Baras, Lolita, Juanito Valderrama, Carmen Linares and Farruco among others. The music director Daniel Barenboim will repeat with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to interpret "Les Preludes" by Liszt, and the "Symphonie Fantastique" by Berilo. And of course, the theatre will be one of the main attractions of the festival. It will be divided in several municipal areas and in some private rooms.

This year the festival has moved to a new location (tha Casa de Campo), with the purpose of place it at the same level as other big cities that celebrate important events in their unique natural surroundings such as the Central Park in New York or Hyde Park in London. The new stage is surrounded by nature and it enjoys magnificent Madrid views. The new stage has a capacity for 2,500 people and parking for up to 225 vehicles. Fivebus lines and some Metro stations will communicate the fair ground with the city centre. The EMT will enable a special buses line for the occasion. Rent Madrid Apartments for the best accommodation.

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