Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Henri Matisse Exhibition at the Thyssen Museum in Madrid

Henri Matisse along with Pablo Picasso is without doubt one of the central figures of modern art today. The Thyssen Museum in Madrid is holding an exhibition of his work, namely the central period when Matisse was in Nice between 1917 and 1941.

The exhibition will be held at the Thyssen - Bornemisza Museum in Madrid from June 9th to September 20th gathering around 80 of his works including drawings, paintings and sculptures. These works are gathered from around 50 museums worldwide including private collections.

This wonderful exhibition seeks to breakdown the works of Matisse in the period that is marked by the end of World War 1 and the beginning of World War 2. By the year 1917 Matisse found himself losing clients and therefore had to redirect his painting towards a more recipient public replacing huge works such as The Dance by smaller works using easels. Thus the painter moved to Nice.

With the returning to easel painting Matisse could now centre on the weight, density, depth and pictorial language of his figures. Therefore the exhibition aims to cover the period in which Matisse delved into the relationship between colour and size thus avoiding anything to do with Cubism and its traditional flat shapes and perspective.

After 1930 a new vigor and a bolder simplification started to appear in his work and American art collector Albert C. Barnes convinced him to produce a large mural for the Barnes Foundation, The Dance II, which was completed in 1932.

The exhibition has been designed so that each stage of the artist's life is reflected under the following headings: "Painting and Time", "Landscapes, Balconies and Gardens", "Intimacy and Ornament", "Figure and Background", "Form" and "Une sonore vaine et monotone ligne"

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