Monday, April 27, 2009

Discover the Purest Neighbourhood of Valencia - The Carmen's Neighbourhood

Valencia is the third largest Spanish city in population and importance, after Madrid and Barcelona, and therefore one of the most surprising of the country. It has a wide range of events, monuments, festivals, etc. to see: the City of Art and Sciences, the America's Cup Competition, extraordinary beaches, and one of the most important festivals in Spain, Las Fallas. The bohemian Carmen neighbourhood is one of its many treasures. It extends from the River Turia to the north of the Central Market and has an interesting combination of modern caf├ęs and historic buildings that give it a very peculiar atmosphere.

The Carmen's neighbourhood is thousand-year-old quarter and part of the the historical centre of the city that has developed between three walls: a Muslim one from the Eleventh century, that limited the East side; the Christian one from Fourteenth century, that limited the West side; and the wall that covered the suburbs. Therefore, a system of portals was created to solve the problems of communication that having so many walls presented.

The person who has not visited the Carmen's neighbourhood, can not really say he knows Valencia, as it is the purest district of the city. The Central Square is the heart of the area and the leisure center. The neighbourhood takes its name from the Carmen de Calzado Church, around which the population was settled centuries ago.

The traveller should not miss the Valldigna Portal, the Serrano's Towers and the Quart's Towers, the Round Square, the Beneficencia Cultural Centre, the famous Carmen's Church and several museums scattered around the area.

Furthermore, the Carmen's neighbourhood is one of the best choices to go party. All the bars, restaurants and pubs have a bohemian atmosphere are full of people. Calle Alta Street and the Virgin Square are both much appreciated areas in the quarter.

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