Monday, January 19, 2009

Rome, the Eternal City

The Italian capital can be called a past, present and future city. When you stroll through the streets of Rome, you'll realize the magnificence and historic richness of the city. In fact, it is a mixture of the old Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, Christianity, Baroque, Mussolini's fascist era and the contemporary Rome we know today. But it has always preserved it eternal beauty and magic!

Rome is a suitable city for all kinds of people: for adults, for children, for teenagers, for straight people, for gays, for single people, for married people, for Italians and foreigners... Rome enjoys a perfect climate; therefore, it is the perfect city for walking around and for eating outdoors. You can enjoy a delicious pizza, pasta or some delicious cheeses and exquisite wines.

When you see for the first time the Flavian amphitheatre, better known as the Coliseum, you will be left speechless. The amphitheatre was built by Vespasian, on top of the remains of the palace of Nero. The building was not completed until 80AD, under the rule of Emperor Domitian, the last emperor of the Flavian Dynasty. The amphitheatre was used to entertain people and therefore, it was one of the most remarkable monuments of the time. You wouldn't need too much imagination to remember the fights between gladiators and the exalted screams of the Roman public!

Going on a few steps you'll find the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, where Romans used to go about their daily lives: trade, business, prostitution, justice, philosophy... From a distance you can see the Campidoglio and the Circus Maximus.

Then get ready to enjoy the spirituality and the greatness of the Holy See in the State of the Vatican City. In front of Piazza San Pietro, designed by Bernini, there is a huge dome by Michelangelo. It has a few arches and statues that will leave you impressed. The Basilica is a must: inside it, you feel like you were immersed in another world. Do not forget to visit the Vatican museums: Raphael's rooms, The Sistine Chapel or the maps gallery.

In Rome there are plenty of tourist and non-tourist trips to join. The historic centre is the most beautiful part: from the Piazza Spagna to the Piazza Navona or the Agrippa Panthenon. The Jewish Quarter is interesting too, and it is considered a very alternative neighbourhood.

The Via del Corso is the most important street in Rome; there you can buy anything you want in the most famous stores of Italy: Prada, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Roberto Cavalli and Christian Dior to name but a few. Of course, there are shops with lower prices! Via di Ripetta is also a highly regarded street by the Romans. If you still have time, have a long walk through Villa Borghese, one of the most beautiful parks in Italy.

As you see, Rome is still a wonderful city. Its greatest charm is that you will always find something new and amazing to see. Rent Rome Apartments to have a rest and enjoy your stay there!

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