Thursday, January 29, 2009

Madrid Fusion 2009 - Creativity, Ecology and Saving For Times of Crisis

The year 2009 begins in the best possible way: once again, and for the seventh consecutive year, the International Gastronomy Summit is celebrated in Madrid. The act, which will take place from January 19th to January 22nd in the Municipal Congresses Palace, is the most important gastronomic fair in the world. There over 70 national and international chefs will meet in order to present the latest trends and new techniques on the culinary scene.

Madrid Fusion 09 premieres this year the "audiovisual cuisine", a new concept which will help to raise the discussion topics: the restaurants of the future, the restaurants service problems and the high risk dishes in vanguard. In addition, Mexico is the guest country of the year. Mexican chefs such as Bricio Dominguez ("Pre-Hispanic cuisine"), Ricardo Munoz ("Mexican soups"), Enrique Olvera, ("Contemporary Vanguard"); Mónica Patiño ("Moles") and Patricia Quintana ("Tortillas") will delight the most discerning diners with their typical dishes.

Throughout four days an endless number of conferences and round tables will be celebrated. Chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Andoni Luis Aduriz will discuss with other colleagues about topics such as molecular cuisine, environment cuisine, exotic markets or about the business models in these times of crisis. They will also discuss about gastro botany, about how to ensure the safeness of the food and about the imagination and the good humour of food (play food). They will also speak about the latest trend in U.S.A., the small plates.

Other high-level chefs, including Spaniards Quique Dacosta and Dani Garcia (with two Michelin stars each), will be speakers at the fair. Imaginative Swedish cook Peter Nilsson, as well as the British Heston Blumenthal will also be taking part.

Madrid Fusion gains relevancy year by year. This seventh edition counts on 130 exhibitors, 7.200 accredited people, 400 national journalists and 160 international ones. In addition, the Tropicana Cocktail Prize will take place.

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