Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pink Lisbon

Lisbon has become into a gay European capital. The gay scene is thriving: the city has come completely out of the closet before decades under homophobic suppression. It is a place of freedom and tolerance and the perfect destination for gay tourism. Small and steep historical streets, extensive nightlife till early morning, modernised areas, a fresh breeze from the sea even in hot summers make Lisbon a pleasant place for relaxing or for spending the holidays.

The city offers a wide range of gay bars, night clubs, restaurants, cafes, saunas and beaches to enjoy. Just everything concerning to the gay world is located in the old and popular neighbourhood Bairro Alto. Most of the other gay-friendly places are located in the quarters of Chiado and Pricipe Real. The beaches south of the city are also popular gay hangouts in the summer months, especially that of Meco, and one known as `Beach 19,´ for being the nineteenth stop of a toy train that runs by most beaches of the shore known as `Costa da Caparica´.

Some of the city's most famous clubs and bars such as Paradise Garage, Kremlin or Lux (the best club in the city whether you are straight or gay) attract a large number of gay people. So, you don't need to go to strictly gay places to meet gay locals - a number of cafes in the Chiado district are popular meeting points for everyone. Parque Principe Real is one of the most popular and safest cruising areas in the city.

Every June Lisbon hosts the annual Gay Pride Festival, called Arraial Pride, with a big march and celebrations throughout the city. Another annual event is the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. This festival is one of the most important European forums of international LGBT film/video and a vehicle of alternative cinema, never ceasing to provoke numerous debates on a number of central themes in the Portuguese contemporary society.

The Shopping Centre Do Chiado, in Baixa Chiado area, is very popular into the gay community because of its bars and restaurants. Another gay famous shopping center, the biggest across Europe, is Colombo, the perfect place to buy the most fashion clothes.

Discover this beautiful, colourful and vibrant city. Wondering where to stay? Take a look to these Apartments in Lisbon and enjoy of a great time.

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