Friday, June 20, 2008


Like every year, here is the summer! And what does summer means? Summer means good weather; summer means holidays and summer specially means a wide variety of music festivals comes! Festivals for all tastes and with all kind of rhythms and music. And now is time for Sónar 2008! From 19th until 21st June, we will enjoy of the best electronic scene in Barcelona (Spain). For fifteen years, this festival has been the most notable, emphasized and reliable one onto dance music tendencies. Just the best artists can play in this amazing festival and you shouldn’t miss it! Come on, lets discover what’s going on and enjoy!

There are two main themes in this 15th special edition: the 'female factor' in today's music and 'hybridism' as the result of the intersection of musical genres and subgenres. Figures such as Justice, Yelle, Diplo, and Boys Noize give this year's programme an injection of hybrid energy. Women have the power this year: unquestionable divas of modern pop like Roisin Musphy or Goldfrapp; the glamorous M.I.A. or Camille, famous for being the new `chanson francaise´ diva’s, will bring a strong and fabulous scene to this edition.

Other styles and sounds will take you to new universes. Yazoo and Mike Banks together with Jeff Mills, Jaime Collum and his brother Ben Collum with Darren Emerson (the former member of Underworld), Kanye West, Dj Mehdi, Yazoo, Daedelus, Discodeine, Kalabrese, Flying Lotus, Neon Neon, Yelle, Hercules & Love affair, Krazy Baldhead, Shackelton and much more…

But Sónar is much more than a music festival! The visitors will be invited to openly explore through an extensive program of interactive exhibitions and many other shows. At night, people will dance with the most popular bands, DJs and VJs of the moment; at day, Sónar offers more than 50 expositions, with the special threat of the year: cinema. There are some exhibitions like `El cine más allá del cine´ or `Luz Y Sonido´, based on construction of images based on going back and recovering different kinds of pre-cinema technologies, the use of light as a focus for the possibilities of installation art, the development of videogames as the huge new entertainment factory for the masses, the birth of live-cinema (the production of sound and visuals in real time that emerged from club culture) as a new format in cinema’s near-future, and the massive influx of YouTube and GoogleVideo as the great collective, universal video library of the 21st .

Are you going to miss it? There is just a problem you should solve before coming. The accommodation! Where are you going to stay? Barcelona is crowded because of summer holidays. Here you will find the perfect accommodation that adjusts what you are looking for. Rent an apartment in Barcelona and enjoy your stay.

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