Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Juan

Every year St John's Day (Sant Joan) is celebrated throughout Spain with an explosion of bonfires and fireworks and a colourful array of concerts and dances.

Catalonians celebrate in their special way and Barcelona is one of the most spectacular places to join in the fun.

The fiesta takes place the night before Saint John's Day, and during the short nights of the summer solstice. It is a long-standing tradition that combines fun with aspects of Catalonian identity.

Old furniture is bundled onto bonfires in the villages and towns throughout the region, the fire acting as a purifier and curative element. At first, this was a rite celebrated in the main village square that brought everyone together round the fire. Nowadays fireworks are also an integral part.

The most enjoyable part of the ¨noche de sant joan¨are the verbenas (open-air celebrations) that last from sunset on 23 June to sunrise on 24 June. As well as in each village, there are various places in Barcelona where they take place. The main ones are in Eixample, Ciutat Velha, Sants-Montjuic, Les Corts, San Gervasi, Horta Guinardó, Nou Barris, Sant Andrea and Sant Martí. Alongside the bonfire and fireworks there are stages, concerts, dances and, of course, the eating of the traditional sweet cocas.

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