Monday, July 27, 2009

Venice Islands

Venice is famous for its canals and gondolas and for being the city of love. All those that can pride themselves on saying that they've been there, must know St Mark's Square and its beautiful carnival. Tourists and locals fall in love with its magic and charm, but some people do not know that this magic reaches all the little islands too. They are as exciting and romantic as the city itself.

The islands around Venice were the refuge for thousands of people who were fleeing from the war. Nowadays, many of them are totally empty, but others like Murano and Burano have prospered and have become famous for its lace and crystals. Some have become university islands such as San Servolo and even cemetery islands or hospital islands.

The island of Lido is one of most known of the archipelago and characteristic for being the only one that does not have channels. This is a 12km sandbank that represents a natural barrier between Venice and the sea. It is so small and accessible, that the most common form of transport is the humble bicycle. There are hundreds of them, without ever tiring, clogging the streets of the island.

Some of the most popular attractions in Lido are the fortress of Sant'Andrea, in the San Nicolo neighbourhood and its monastery and church; in addition to its famous beaches, which constitute the main interest point of the island.

Burano is the most charming island of the Venetian lagoon. It has become very famous for its beautiful embroidered lace. Burano has a colourful and peculiar landscape: its houses are painted in garish colours following a specific system originated in the Golden Age. If any neighbour in the area wanted to paint their house, the government would give them a series of colours which to choose from! This curious rainbow reflected in the canals, gives the island a magical aspect. The famous Galuppi lace Museum and the Santa Caterina church are two mandatory stops if you happen to visit.

Who has not heard about the glass of Murano? This island has become famous worldwide through its glass manufacture. In 1921 the Government forced all the glass manufacturers to move to the island to avoid possible fires in Venice; hence, its glass tradition. The Santa Maria church, with its Byzantine mosaics, and the San Pietro Martire church are two interesting attractions.

Sant 'Erasmo Island, Pellestrina Island and Treporti Island are other treasures of the archipelago. Discover the hidden mysteries of the islands... Book Venice Apartments and enjoy your holidays!

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