Monday, July 14, 2008


Barcelona has always been a city that lives and breathes sport. Today, and thanks in large part to the holding of the Olympic Games, a quarter of the city's population now regularly do some type of sport and have included physical exercise in their habitual activities. The people of Barcelona have seized the city's public spaces, squares, parks and new beaches and turned them into focal points of sports activities.

The City Council promotes and stimulates sport at all levels - from amateur to professional, from school to retirement, from 'fun runs' to summer activities - building and remodelling facilities, equipping districts and educational centres. Facilitating access for everyone to a healthier lifestyle through physical exercise. Consolidating Barcelona's international role as a city of Sport.

The city is making an effort to invest sport in everydays life, last year for example the bicing was created ( bicicles in the city ), it is possible to do every kind of some sport from Kung-fu to windsurfing using the great beaches near Villa Olimpica. If you want to enjoy the city AND get fit at the same time, click here : apartments in Barcelona

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