Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hotels versus Apartments, the web battle :

Did you use to organise your vacations through travel agents where everything was included ? Flight, hotel, etc… Of course it is easier and there are services offered by hotels that you wouldn’t get while staying in apartment, for example apartment in Berlin , but the question is : do you rather get services and be a typical tourist getting everything on a tray or do you want to experience the city and your vacation as something different and innovative, enjoy the flexibility and independence

of what are gonna be great vacations.

Whats in :

The new tendence of vacation rental can be seen on the increasing amount of websites of vacation rentals and their success and traffic within the web.

Whats in now is to book your flights on your own, regarding the crazy prices offered by the lowcost companies, it is really easy and then rent your own accomodation. Vacation rentals are nowadays varied and affordable : In your own apartment, you can get the feeling of living the city like any other citizen, a great feeling.

What its like :

Like any other apartment, vacation rentals offer you rooms, living room and all the rest which belongs to an everyday flat and you can Feel like in your own house abroad.

Having the possibility to cook is aswell an opportunity to save money or just not being dependent on what is going to be served if you would be in an Hotel, aswell much easier if you are traveling with kids. Of course, everyone will best know what fits to his vacations

But it is true that enjoying your freedom and independence is a thing you cannot miss and you wont forget.

If you´re looking for accomodation, check out here : Barcelona apartments

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