Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just coming back from a weekend there :
Its a beautiful and stressy city, but we enjoyed a lot. The beginning couldnt have been worth :
We arrive at the airport looking for some information to get to the center of Rome, straight to the information desk asking the nice italian women who turns out to be an aggresiv and not really well educated italian women... ok Grazie and Ciaoo !! The first contact wasnt really the one I imagined…

Finally we decided to take the train to Rome ( 11 euros mamma miaaa ) , I jump into the train and suddenly the doors close, great if my friend wouldnt be still on the platform and me inside the train!!

Arriving to the Station Termini, I waited for my friend while it started to rain heavily …… getting better and better……

Finally we arrived at the hostel, they told us we had to go to another one because of some shower and toilets issues ( they were actually not working at all ¡! ) soooo we got back into the rain and went to the new hostel which turned out to be a flat divided in rooms… but its looks clean, quite ok , we just want to arrive in Rome!

The next days were the exact opposite of the beginning : Sunny, friendly and funny. Lots of culture and beautiful monunents…

Coliseo, Vaticano, Spanish stairs, Fontana di Trevi, etc, etc...

The only thing was , I went to Rome 8 years ago and since then I thought ¨God, italian guys are just gorgious ¡! ¨ but this weekend I don´t know what happened :

*My taste changed a lot in the last 8 years, which could be but I still think it didnt


*All the gordious italian guys planed on being away exact this weekend

I will never know until I go back, not in the next years. Its a beautiful city but when you have seen it once i think its enough…

But I threw a coin into the Fontana di trevi so it means I should actually go back one day…. Hopefully with a gordious italian guy on my side….

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